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Afghanistan 04:48
As Afghan musicians are silenced and beaten And women flogged into submission and veil As gay men are tortured by gun toting fascists I’m taking you back to the old hippy trail That was the Afghanistan of the Seventies Left wing ideas were being spread fast By young angry students and workers in cities Opposed by a countryside stuck in the past The radical hippies of Europe were visiting Marx, feminism and land rights in tow And urban Afghanistan made revolution But rural Afghanistan rose and said no Young radical teachers went into the countryside Ordering mullahs to let the girls learn They had their throats cut, acid thrown in their faces - Their comrades attacked elders’ homes in return. The civil war became increasingly brutal The communists, split, looked to Russia for aid Brzezinski and Carter saw an opportunity Funds were established and contacts were made They financed the torture and murder of teachers Denial of learning and burning of schools The thugs who’d one day be behind 9/11 Were funded and trained as America’s tools Their aim was to force Soviet intervention Get Russia involved in its own Vietnam The fact that these ‘allies’ all hated the U.S. Was simply ignored in this cynical plan Most Afghan communists welcomed the Russians Which cost them support in a proud sovereign nation And our media called Islamist terrorists ‘heroes’ ‘Brave fighters opposing a Red occupation’ There followed ten years of unspeakable stalemate The US and Russia both sharing the blame Then Gorbachev oversaw Soviet withdrawal But warlords still fought till the Taliban came The peace that they brought was the still of oblivion For women, for thinkers, for music, for life Then came 9/11 and US invasion A new occupier, the same brutal strife The irony was that this time the Americans Built schools for girls, didn’t finance destruction And life in the cities got better for many With hopes of renewal, rebirth, reconstruction But the countryside remained a hive of reaction The Taliban fled but they quickly returned Again they spread hatred disguised as religion Once more teachers tortured, once more schools were burned And now the Americans flee like the Russians And Taliban thugs commit hideous crimes I can’t help but wonder just what would have happened If the Yanks hadn’t financed them in former times Imagine how different our world would be now If the secular socialist teachers had won And the founders of Taliban and Al Qaeda Had been vanquished before they had even begun.
CHORUS This little rap’s here to inspire us Not to get coronavirus Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus They don’t want Coronavirus It’s a disease coming on the breeze You'll be on your knees with just one sneeze It’s a disease coming on the breeze Listen to those Daleks please... VACCINATE! VACCINATE! Bloody hell! It’s a pandemic Running through the world at a rate systemic Let me spell out my position I’m 64 with a lung condition Let’s all work hard to avoid it Till researchers have destroyed it Don’t get cranky, don’t be a fogey - Use that hanky, bin that bogey! CHORUS Please be kind and give assistance Always do it at a distance Get your normal shopping done - There’s enough for everyone Panic buying? Stupid caper. Put back all that toilet paper. What a really crap idea. Just chill out and have a beer! CHORUS New dance called the Pontius Pilate Time we all learned to freestyle it Water, hands and a bar of soap - Clean under a microscope No, don’t scratch your dirty bridge Then go down and raid the fridge Please keep safe and please keep well. CORONOVIRUS – GO TO HELL... CHORUS
NO FASCISTS IN WORTHING Worthing Tories thought we were nasty To expose a councillor who talked like a Nazi He was a fascist but he wore sharp suits No face tattoos, no twelve hole bovver boots He's rather have a nice Jimmy Choo bag Than a Skrewdriver T shirt and a glue bag But we got organised and it's no mystery He's just said hello to the dustbin of history Chorus No fascists in Worthing That's what we all say It's different from the Eighties So we'll try another way But whatever they dress like And wherever they go One word for the fascists And that word is no No fascists in Worthing Years ago they were street fighters And they ended up pavement biters Lewisham, Hatfield, Brick Lane, Waterloo We just did what we knew we had to do They still try intimidation But now it's all about infiltration The Tory Party is crawling with them And plenty there are happy to forgive them Chorus No fascists in Worthing That's what we all say It's different from the Eighties So we'll try another way But don't get complacent Always stay aware No fascists in Worthing No fascists anywhere No fascists in Worthing!


released November 4, 2021


all rights reserved



Attila the Stockbroker Southwick, UK

Attila the Stockbroker. 40 years of hard hitting social surrealist spoken word and punk rock tinged with early music. 8 books of poetry, autobiography, 40 CDs/LPs, 3500 gigs in 24 countries...a long life earning his living doing what he loves. 'Heart on my Sleeve', a 40th anniversary LP is just out, and his Collected Works will be published by Cherry Red Books later this year. ... more

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