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MY GENERATiON Talking 'bout my generation (Who? My generation) Talking 'bout my generation (Who?) Talking 'bout my generation (Who? My generation) Talking 'bout my generation (Who?) I’m ashamed of my generation It’s not a generalisation There are loads I see think just like me But I’m seething with frustration I’m ashamed of my generation Once crusty now crustacean Then mod or punk now spouting junk In our strange divided nation For years the right wing press been spamming Down our throats their bigotry ramming Murdoch and Dacre been programming Heads full of brain-dead nonsense cramming No desire to cross examine State of intellectual famine You call me snowflake I call you gammon (Hang on a minute I think I’m a gammon - Though if I’m pink I’d rather be a salmon... But if I’m a gammon I’m a left wing gammon DIY – no love for mammon) I’m ashamed of my generation Obsessed with 'immigration' Loads of young folk think we’re a joke With the brains of a dead alsatian I’m ashamed of my generation It's such a transformation From the Summer of Love to ‘Shove the dove - Give Farage a donation!’ Horizons shrinking as they get older Hearts and minds growing harder and colder Hippy garlands left to moulder Poor and sick get the cold shoulder Slowly losing their love for humanity I’m Alright Jack - selfish inanity Some in church claim Christianity Jesus Christ would call it insanity But we know we’re not all like that Call your mates out when they spout tat And your brother when he spouts tat And your sister when she spouts tat Sixty doesn’t mean right wing prat Seventy doesn’t mean sad old bat Eighty bring out the welcome mat Ninety wear a big hippie hat I’m reclaiming our generation With great determination For unity, community, Warm hearts and INTEGRATION! Message to Roger Daltrey...
‘The clue’s in the name. Royal Borough. We serve Knightsbridge, not Latimer Road. We’re here for our quality voters With a moneyed and tasteful postcode. We tolerate you since we have to And we hope that you’ll soon move elsewhere. Until then we’ll do our legal duty. If you cause any problems – beware! Your flats are all crumbling eyesores. Your neighbours are your social betters. They paid millions to live in this area - Some are next door to scroungers and debtors. So it’s time to refurbish your building. Not with fire doors, sprinklers and care But with cladding to make it look nicer So the rich can pretend you’re not there. It’s unsafe, you complain. That’s just rubbish. We’ve been running it that way for years. Just be grateful you’re housed in this borough And make sure that you’re not in arrears! You’ve new skins on your homes. They look lovely. Regulations and standards are met. All done legally and within budget So get on with your lives and don’t fret.’ Those new skins caused a ghastly inferno. But that council is still in control Though some should be charged with manslaughter And the rest all relieved of their role. Now the people cry ‘Justice for Grenfell!’ In the name of those folk left alone In a world where appearances mattered More than esh, skin, hair, muscle and bone.
TAKE BACK CONTROL (For Ronnie Chambers in Hartlepool) You tell me how you’ve suffered since the closure. I see the pain and sadness in your eyes. I feel your anger at our country’s leaders Who offer only platitudes and lies. At gigs I hear so many of these stories. All different, but the message is the same. You’re sick to death of scheming politicians. No longer going to play their poxy game. The referendum was your chance. You took it. They told you we'd be taking back control. Control of jobs and factories and borders: A revolution wrapped up in a poll. The EU is a massive corporate bully. Cheap labour and big profits at its core. I understand why you voted for Brexit: One chance to strike a blow in the class war. But it wasn’t the EU who shut your pit down And sent Met thugs rampaging through your street. It didn’t close your hospitals and workshops Smash down your union to brave defeat. No EU diktat caused the housing crisis The poll tax, bedroom tax or zero hours. No, all of these were brought in by the Tories - And soon those bastards will have brand new powers. So let’s take back control with strong trade unions And let’s take back control and organise Take back control of pub and school and workplace And counter all the endless media lies. Take back control as we all stand together No scapegoating and no divide and rule. The future is unwritten, and it’s daunting. Please don't let UKIP take you for a fool.
TELL SID (HE'D BETTER BUY HIS MUM A JUMPER) Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better buy her one or two Cos she’s getting very old and it’s getting very cold And she doesn’t know just what she’s gonna do Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better buy her one today ‘Cos her gas bill’s come and her feet are going numb And she doesn’t know just how she’s gonna pay Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better buy her three or four ‘Cos all she wants to do is cry, all she wants to do is die When she hears the bailiffs banging on the door Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better hang his head in shame A mother and a wife who worked hard all her life Now she’s cold and alone and Sid’s to blame CHORUS For regeneration Of this greed ravaged nation We need renationalisation Without compensation For regeneration Of this greed ravaged nation We need renationalisation Without compensation Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better buy her five or six Cos he should have used his brain, not been conned yet again By the Tories and their privatizing tricks Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Cos it’s she who pays the price for what he did When he joined the sorry mass who bought shares in British Gas Sold our heritage to make themselves a quid Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better buy her seven or eight He’s a scared little mouse in his cosy little house As he sees the anger turning into hate Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he should have thought of that before ‘Cos when the poor find their voice there will be a stark choice Civil society - or civil war CHORUS For regeneration Of this greed ravaged nation We need renationalisation Without compensation For regeneration Of this greed ravaged nation We need renationalisation Without compensation And if the bankers’ press wail Occupy the Daily Mail And shut down the Sun – Let justice be done Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Tell Sid he’d better buy her nine or ten But he did what he was told when Royal Mail was sold And he went and bought a load of shares again Tell Sid he’d better buy his mum a jumper Cos it really is about time that he did But he’s ‘So Busy, Dear’. Visits three times a year. So if she dies cold and alone……… Tell Sid. UK energy providers - freezing pensioners not prices. Naked, callous profiteering: enough is enough. Let’s take back the power. And while we’re at it, let’s have the railways back too. Oh, and Sid: you’re a selfish git, mate. Get your head out of the Daily Mail, switch off X Factor and go and visit your mum. Before it’s too late.


Hi everyone. Something very different! My new album, my first ever digital-only release. 'Dub Ranting' is brought into being by wonderful sounds courtesy of my old Harlow mate Christian Fallon aka What's Left Dub, his son Kingsley Salmon of Barleyfield Records in Gloucester and Andy Baron and Concrete Johnson, aka Rebel Control, from Brighton via London.

I have always loved reggae, always loved dub poetry, always wanted to do this and always known that if I ever did I would need the right words, the right tunes and the right time. It has come together in my 41st year as Attila and 64th on the earth!

First I wrote the words. 'My Generation' is about Daltrey's pro-Brexit nonsense and is a call to arms to my fellow over-60 radicals out there. Don't believe the hype: it is not obligatory to turn into bigoted, cliche-spouting tabloid fodder as you get older! 'Justice For Grenfell' was written at the time of the massacre: three years on, still no justice, no peace. 'Take Back Control' is for the people who voted for Brexit thinking they were striking a blow for the working class, and 'Tell Sid' (He'd Better Buy His Mum A Jumper') for the (often same) people who thought buying a few British Gas shares in the 80s made them Nelson Rockefeller.

I had the words - then some very talented producers, old friends all, gave me tunes which fitted perfectly and three absolutely glorious dub versions. I can scarcely believe it's happened - but that right time I mentioned earlier is here. I hope you enjoy 'Dub Ranting' and would love to hear your feedback.

Huge thanks to old friends Christian Fallon (aka What's Left Dub) Kingsley Salmon and Rebel Control for the tracks and the first two for three wonderful dub versions.

Huge thanks to my comrades in poetry Linton Kwesi Johnson, Benjamin Zephaniah and the late Michael Smith for the inspiration and to Culture, Misty, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru and toasters Mikey Dread, Dillinger, U-Roy and Yellowman - to name just a few of many.

And to Tim Armstrong of Rancid for his fantastic reggae album 'A Poet's Life'... I don't normally need confidence to do something, but I did for this, and that album gave it to me.

The title of this album is in tribute to Benjamin Zephaniah's one of the same name, released in 1983. He was one of our original ranting poetry posse and a good mate. Cheers Ben!

So...what do you think? If anyone would like to transform this into a big stonking 12 inch slab of vinyl.......get in touch! Airplay supremely welcome too.

Cheers Attila


released June 16, 2021

Tracks 1-3 originally written & produced by Kingsley Salmon backed by King Solomon Band at Barleyfield Records Studio, Cheltenham May 2016

Vocals recorded by Christian Fallon (aka What's Left) & Jo Clack, July 2019 on board the Alastor - The Spirit of Solitude. River Stort canal, Roydon, Essex.

Mixed at Barleyfield Records Studio, May 2021, Barton Road, Gloucester by Christian Fallon (aka What's Left) & Kingsley Salmon.

With special thanks to Sal Davidson, Rafeelya & Mahala

Track 4 by Rebel Control (Andy Baron & Concrete Johnson) www.facebook.com/rebelcontrol/
Vocals recorded at London Road Studios, Brighton, by Ali Gavan in 2015.


all rights reserved



Attila the Stockbroker Southwick, UK

Attila the Stockbroker. 40 years of hard hitting social surrealist spoken word and punk rock tinged with early music. 8 books of poetry, autobiography, 40 CDs/LPs, 3500 gigs in 24 countries...a long life earning his living doing what he loves. 'Heart on my Sleeve', a 40th anniversary LP is just out, and his Collected Works will be published by Cherry Red Books later this year. ... more

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