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For the next two seasons I am shirt sponsor for our brand new local club, AFC Southwick, born out of the wreckage of the previous club Southwick FC which had existed since 1882 and used to be one of the leading lights of amateur football in Sussex, winning the County League many times, getting up as far as the Isthmian League in the 1980s and reaching the FA Cup First Round once.

The club withered and sadly died early last year due to lease holder and council neglect of the ground, but the players and managers emerged unbowed from the wreckage and with the help of enthusiastic locals including myself a new club has been born. We're playing in the Mid Sussex Premiership (one step away from senior football) and ground sharing at Whitehawk while our derelict old ground is rebuilt.

Really comfy shirt. Red and black home, yellow away.

Size guide: (inch chest - sorry, men's only at the moment, these are very early days)

M 38-40
L 41-43
XL 44-46
2XL 47-49

Shirts cost £24.60 to produce and I am selling them at a starting price of £35 plus postage to raise money for the club. After Bandcamp fees and handling charges there is about £5 profit on each shirt so if you can afford more it would be much appreciated - all the money will go towards running costs.

ships out within 14 days
2 remaining

  £35 GBP or more 


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Attila the Stockbroker. 40 years of hard hitting social surrealist spoken word and punk rock tinged with early music. 8 books of poetry, autobiography, 40 CDs/LPs, 3500 gigs in 24 countries...a long life earning his living doing what he loves. 'Heart on my Sleeve', a 40th anniversary LP is just out, and his Collected Works will be published by Cherry Red Books later this year. ... more

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