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WAGENKNECHT EP (english​/​deutsch)

by Attila the Stockbroker

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WAGENKNECHT Sie haben euch vergessen Sie haben euch verraten Vierunddreissig Jahre spater Habt ihr endlich was zu sagen Ihr sucht eine Bewegung Klar, sozial, direkt Auferstanden aus Ruinen - Aber Vorsicht, Wagenknecht So long you’ve been forgotten So long you’ve been betrayed Now thirty four years later There’s a statement to be made You seek a brand new movement Clear, social and direct A rising from the ruins - But be careful, Wagenknecht Sie haben nie verstanden Das war euer eigenes Land Arbeit und Brot und Obdach Das Leben fest geplannt Zusammenhalt, Gemeinschaft So lange schon vorbei Ihr habt das nie vergessen Und bleibt doch fest dabei They never understood you That this had been your land You had work and food and shelter Human needs so carefully planned A community, a society Now for so long in the past Memories still not forgotten You hold on to them so fast Ihre Treuhandanstalt-Diebstahl Hat eure Geschichte vernichtet Ihre Ellbogengesellschaft Hat euer Leben vergiftet Ihr denkt immer noch so anders Und wollt jetzt etwas Neues Eine eigene Bewegung Die sozial, gerecht und true ist Their thief privatisations Turned your history to dust And their hard, me-first society Wrecked your lifelong sense of trust You still think in a different way And you want something new A grass roots social movement That’s yours, and fair, and true Identitat ist wichtig Aber Armut ist es auch Und Politik geht pleite Wenn man nichts hat im Bauch Also haltet jetzt zusammen Auf zum nächsten Gefecht Vierunddreissig Jahre spater - Aber Vorsicht, Wagenknecht Identity’s important But poverty is too And politics is bankrupt When you’re in a food bank queue It’s time to stand together For the battle coming next After thirty four years waiting But be careful, Wagenknecht AFD, Partei der Bonzen Sie fuhren euch hinters Licht Wie Kohl, nur Quatsch und Lüge Solche Leute braucht ihr nicht Ihr sucht ja etwas Neues Inklusiv, voller Respekt Also baut euch jetzt die Zukunft - Aber vorsicht, Wagenknecht AFD’s a bosses’ party Profit vultures on the make Just like Kohl, all lies and nonsense You don’t need them, they’re just fake You’re seeking a new movement Inclusive and with respect So go on and build the future - But be careful, Wagenknecht Einheitspartei zu bauen Meint alles gut verstanden Kein Kompromiss mit Rechten Fremdenhass fur niemanden Volker hor die Signale Ich sag es ganz direkt Kein Platz fur Nationalismus Und vorsicht, Wagenknecht To forge a brand new party It must be understood No deals done with the right wing A common brotherhood Then comrades come rally - My words are quite direct No place for nationalism Be careful, Wagenknecht
Another new year and too much beer and goodbye to the Wall But now there's only disappointment, nothing left at all The dreams we marched and fought for have faded and turned sour The cabbage* is a king now, it's Helmut's finest hour And on the streets the people want it 'as seen on TV' And a big bunch of bananas is a sign that you are 'free' It's just begun - Market Sektor One As in the East they talk about a future bold and new A thousand Western businessmen are celebrating too The vultures are all circling, 'cos there's money to be made A multinational carve up, a bank to be obeyed And now the old, rich foreigners make claims on every hand - 'You're living in my house, mein Herr, you're farming on my land' It's time to run - Market Sektor One Is that all that we were fighting for? Bananas and sex shops, nothing more? Welcome to the Western dream Welcome to the cheap labour scheme The whole of Europe's changing - Big Brother's on the run It could just be a whole new age of freedom has begun But freedom doesn't bow its head to some financier's will And Europe is our common home, not some gigantic till So send the money grabbers riding off into the sun And take your assets in your own hands, answerable to none Then we'll have fun And justice will be done (1990) *Kohl means 'cabbage' in German...fittingly
Ein neues Jahr wie keins vorher war, mit der Mauer ist es aus Doch die neue große Freiheit sieht so seltsam traurig aus All die Träume werden sauer von zuviel Buchsenbier Kohl heißt der neue König und er lässt sich feiern hier Dieses Volk das einst so stark war fällt vor ihm auf die Knie Paar Bananen und’n paar Pornos und schon vergessen sie Und alles fängt erst an im Marktsektor One Die Massen sind in Trance, eine goldene Zukunft winkt Doch tausend Börsenspekulanten haben sich längst eingeklinkt Wie Geier kreisend um ihr Opfer, zum großen Coup bereit Jedem Multinationalen sein Teil zur rechten Zeit Habt ihr dafür eure herrliche friedliche Revolution gemacht? Habt ihr Stalin ausgeworfen, dass jetzt das Geld Gesetze macht? Dann seid ihr arm dran im Marktsektor One. Wofür zum Teufel kämpft ihr nun? Doch nicht fur Sex-Shops und Bild-Zeitung! Ist der westliche Traum euer Morgenrot? Ihr werdet Arbeitskraft zum Sonderangebot. Dabei braucht Old Miss Europa doch wirklich frischen Wind So viel Stacheldracht, Dreck und Lügen die abzutragen sind Aber selbst die große Freiheit beugt sich wenn ein Banker winkt und Europa soll unseres Haus sein keine Kasse in der es klingt Also lasst nicht jeden Cowboy an euer Eingemachtes ran. Habt ihr doch gar nichts zu verlieren? Ihr seid das Volk, packt selber an Dan habt ihr auch Fun Und kein Marktsektor One


My first bilingual EP in English and German.

The title track 'Wagenknecht' is a continuation of my quest to explore sounds and styles I have enjoyed throughout my life but never before personally embraced. It is brand new and is a musical tribute to Yugoslav industrial pioneers/satirists Laibach, an inspiration to me since I first met them at Cherry Red Records in the mid 80s. I was lucky to be offered a collaboration by electronic composer Sherlock, who interpreted my ideas perfectly. There will be more.

Here we have two pieces about the former GDR, thirty four years apart, the first bilingual, the second in two separate language versions. It's about what happened in the immediate days, months and years after those joyous pictures of people dancing on the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 - and what's happening now. I toured the GDR four times before the Wall came down, twice shortly afterwards, and have now done many hundreds of gigs all over Germany and mastered the language. (Thanks to long time comrade Steve from East Berlin for a bit of help in that department.)

The title track 'Wagenknecht' is brand new and very topical. It's about the anger and betrayal so many working class Germans, above all East Germans, feel at the course of the last three decades, and a reflection on (current) Left Party (Die Linke) politician and former GDR citizen Sahra Wagenknecht's response.

Wageknecht has written a book, 'Die Selbstgerechten' (The Self Righteous) in which she accuses the Left - the Left Party and the left in general - of having abandoned its historical task (supporting working class and neglected communities and alleviating poverty) in favour of modern issues (gender, identity, climate) allowing the far right to channel the anger of the 'left behind'. She is determined to reclaim them for the Left - and in doing so is accused by some of 'red-brown nationalism'.

Getting the balance right in this area is a vital question for the European left in general, one which many people shy away from, and I present what I hope is a balanced response to her ideas, interesting but fraught with dangers and problems. There is further material on this in the notes on the title track itself, along with the lyrics of course.

Wagenknecht, one of the most popular politicians in Germany who takes a lot of inspiration from Jean-Luc Melanchon and Jeremy Corbyn, may well about to be launching a new political movement which will gain considerable support from both radical Left and 'populist' Right. (Corbyn supporters have been talking about doing that here - but it is impossible under our First Past The Post electoral system without splitting the left vote and letting the Tories in. Under PR, the electoral system used everywhere else in Europe apart from Belarus, that isn't an issue. Start a new party, get the votes you're given, join a coalition. It's called democracy. We need PR! But that's another issue.)

The other two tracks here are English and German versions of my 1990 mandola-based song 'Market Sector One', written about the decimation and brutalisation of GDR property and culture by extreme market forces which I witnessed first hand on my return to East Berlin just after the fall of the Wall. Some of you will know them already.

Two visions, 34 years apart.

See individual tracks for further explanations, lyrics and credits.
Feedback is very welcome.


released January 13, 2023


all rights reserved



Attila the Stockbroker Southwick, UK

Attila the Stockbroker. 40 years of hard hitting social surrealist spoken word and punk rock tinged with early music. 8 books of poetry, autobiography, 40 CDs/LPs, 3500 gigs in 24 countries...a long life earning his living doing what he loves. 'Heart on my Sleeve', a 40th anniversary LP is just out, and his Collected Works will be published by Cherry Red Books later this year. ... more

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